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Audio/Visual Preprints and the Mechanisms for Global Rapid Knowledge Exchange

Friday, May 29th at 9am EDT

Published onMay 27, 2020
Audio/Visual Preprints and the Mechanisms for Global Rapid Knowledge Exchange

Participants: Jo Havemann, AfricArXiv; Obasegun Ayodele, Vilsquare; Joy Owango, TCC Africa; Catherine Ahearn, Knowledge Futures Group

The coronavirus pandemic has put into stark relief what was already true: that science must be open for global collaboration and that much can be learned from local tactics and lessons. The new Audio/Visual preprint archive curated by AfricArXiv in partnership with Vilsquare, TCC Africa, The African Science Literacy Network, and the Knowledge Futures Group seeks to speed up effective knowledge exchange around COVID-19. To understand local and regional context specific to the various regions and livelihood contexts, it is of utmost importance to consult with African researchers for their expertise in the various disciplines and aspects possibly relevant to the coronavirus pandemic.

In this discussion, participants will hear from project leaders about the Audio/Visual preprint archive, the issues it is seeking to solve, the opportunities it upholds to utilize a new format to engage in scholarly discourse, and how audio/visual formats integrate and interlink with text- and data-based research outputs. We then hope to have an in-depth discussion with attendees about how we can all support collaboration, accessibility, and faster publication by broadening our submission types and notions of scholarly work, using this A/V preprint archive as an example.

Friday, May 29th at 9am EST

Open Publishing Fest session page:

Jo Havemann:

We are excited about today’s upcoming session on OPF thanks again for doing this with us. Should we briefly agree on a prelim agenda? How about:

  • welcome and intro to KGF and AfricArXiv

  • AfricArXiv pres on who we are & what we do

  • Initiatives around COVID-19 in Africa

  • presenting the idea for A/ preprints

  • KGF to explain/demo how to upload to pubpub