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One Platform, Infinite Uses. How We Build PubPub For Novel Publishing Experiments.

Tuesday, May 19 @ 1pm EDT. Recording now available.

Published onMay 12, 2020
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One Platform, Infinite Uses. How We Build PubPub For Novel Publishing Experiments.

Time & Access

Tuesday, May 19 @ 1pm EDT




PubPub, an open-source platform from the Knowledge Futures Group, is built to allow publishing communities of all types to experiment with new publishing models.

This interactive session, lead by PubPub's Product Lead, will focus on the community-driven processes and philosophies we use to build PubPub for the publishing world of the future (while also supporting today's needs).

As part of the session, we'll showcase success stories from communities using PubPub in innovative ways like open review, community annotated articles, blogging sites, and even intranets. We'll also turn the lens on PubPub by using it as a notes and Q&A platform for the talk, demonstrating the features in real-time.

If you use or are interested in PubPub, this session will be an opportunity to see how other communities use it and get a tour of new Dashboard and permissions feature. Even if you don't use PubPub, you'll learn about publishing models pioneered with PubPub that can be applied anywhere.


  • Brief intro to KFG

  • Brief intro to PubPub

    • History

    • How we describe the product

    • Where we’re going

    • Why we’re not self-hosted

  • Development Philosophy

    • Having a seat at the table vs. Going it alone

    • Letting users lead vs. bringing big ideas from other spaces

  • Product Process

    • Clear Vision & Strategy

    • Product Discovery

  • Examples of Novel Uses (Want to add yours? Add below by clicking here.)


Have questions? Add them below by clicking here.

  • Question – Name (optional)

  • Tim Elfenbein: How to incorporate the development experiences and already build infrastructure of CommentPress, Hypothesis, F1000, etc., into PuPub’s review design? Is there a means of weaving some of these together or does PubPub’s need to build it’s own review feature? In short, how do we move from product development to the elaboration of an infrastructure? (Thanks!)

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