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How We Use PubPub as a Google Docs Alternative

Thursday, May 21 @ 11 am EDT. Recording now available.

Published onMay 15, 2020
How We Use PubPub as a Google Docs Alternative

Time & Access

Thursday, May 21 @ 11 am EDT



“How KFG Uses PubPub as an Alternative to Google Docs” video. Recorded on May 21, 2020.


Collaborative Content Creation

The daily activities of the Knowledge Futures Group team involve considerable collaborative authoring projects that result in many documents for both internal and external use. We use the open source tool PubPub for nearly all of our content creation needs, including blog posts, documentation, meeting agendas, proposal drafts, and events. We wanted to share how we personally use PubPub daily in the event that the tool might solve content creation and dissemination needs for other organizations and teams. Documents (pubs) can be kept private (team only spaces) or be published. Team members can start from scratch or import from a variety of formats, gather Pubs into Collections, and manage permissions and metadata via a Dashboard.

If you’re considering an alternative to Google docs—one with more granular permissions, versioning, design and branding options, and publishing options as well, please join the session.


  • Very brief intro to KFG and PubPub

  • A whirlwind tour of our Notes section

  • Sneak peek at our “Team Only” space

  • New Community Dashboard

    • Overview

    • Pages

    • Reviews

    • Members

    • Settings

  • Creating a Pub

    • Upload or Create

    • Contents

    • Header links

    • Attribution

    • Sharing Options

    • Download formats

    • Publishing

    • Version History

  • Creating a Collection

  • More info: Getting Started on PubPub or email us for a demo.

  • Instructions covered in this session (including more detail on Pub dashboards).


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